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Effective learning programmes focus as much on removing the barriers to applying new skills and behaviours as they do on learning them in the first place. In fact, I would go as far as to say when it comes to leadership and management, you often don’t need “up-skilling,” you just need support to apply what you already know you “should” be doing if life didn’t keep getting in the way.

You know you should get out of the detail and be thinking bigger picture, you know you should be challenging your processes and your thinking to ensure they still make sense in your rapidly changing environment, you know you should be coaching and mentoring your people so they stay engaged and committed to your business objectives.  Why don’t you?

Think of a time when you attended a development programme and returned to work full of good intentions to apply your learning, only to slip back into the same old habits, behaviours and thinking that you used before.

What was it that got in the way? Was it something within you? Your limiting beliefs, level of confidence or level of commitment? Was it something in those around you? An unsupportive boss perhaps or no opportunity to share your learning with others? Was it something in the organisational set up that hindered you in behaving differently and trying new things?

I design programmes for individuals and groups that maximize the transfer and application of learning by overcoming the barriers that get in the way. That way you get to apply your skills consistently and effectively and your business gets maximum return on investment.

What do you, others, or your organisation do that scuppers you in applying new learning?

How can you be supported to apply and sustain as much new learning as possible?

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