Robust conversations for this award-winning company

Robust conversations for this award-winning company

We facilitated a team programme with a senior leadership team of a small technology company. The team had been in deep rooted conflict for several years and were no longer meeting as a team at all. This was having a significant impact on alignment behind the strategic direction of the business, slowing down decision making and generally wasting time and energy.

After an initial session to engage the team, explore their desired outcomes and discuss our approach one of the team members decided to leave the organisation.

This was a positive move but not one that would resolve their ingrained issues and conflicts. A short team coaching programme of high support and high challenge led them to re-structure the roles and responsibilities within the team, hold candid conversations with each other and focus on what was good for the organisation rather than their functional areas.

The result was a newly re-invigorated team who are more comfortable building vulnerability-based trust and leaning into unresolved conflicts.

Their bravery and increased ability to hold each other to account contributed in part to them winning 3 awards in the space of 2 years – Investors in People Bronze Award, Workplace Well-Being Charter and Employer of the Year.