Freeing up a Senior Management Team

Freeing up a Senior Management Team

We delivered a 12-month Leadership Programme for an engineering company who wanted to increase their market share. They wanted to develop the next level down to take on more ownership and responsibility, so the Senior Management Team were free to focus on strategy.

We worked with them to develop an initiative that all levels were bought into and an approach that gave them maximum impact on behaviour and results with minimum disruption to core operations. Pre-work increased engagement and sparked interest prior to short monthly workshops which comprised experiential learning, practical application, experimentation and feedback.

Post workshop the delegates had specific projects that enabled them to apply the learning and were tasked with presenting back what worked, what didn’t, and what they had learned, at the next workshop.

The programme resulted in a committed and cohesive middle management team who played a much bigger role in their business and who, as one small element of their programme, also increased market share by 10% in one of their existing products and increased sales by 5% in another.