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In order to have the biggest impact on your team’s current and future mental health and wellbeing, you need to pick the most important challenges to address. This means you need to sit down (virtually) with each team member and discuss what their current situation is, and then prioritise what to work on first. You can use the following discussion questions to get started.

Mindset Questions for Remote Workers

  1. How are you coping with the changing working environment?
  2. Are you taking action right now to maintain or grow your business?
  3. How are you coping personally?

Finance Questions:

  1. How is your home life affected by the current environment?
  2. Is cash flow going to be an issue for you?
  3. Do you have outside resources you can tap into?

Customer-Facing Team Questions:

  1. How are your customers responding to the current environment?
  2. Which of our products or services do they need most right now?
  3. How is your customers’ financial stability?

Leaders and Management Questions:

  1. How are your team members affected personally by the situation?
  2. Do your team members have the skills they need to adapt?
  3. Do you need more resources?

Work Environment Questions:

  1. Is your business set up to work from home?
  2. Are your team members set up to work from home?
  3. What challenges are you facing working from home?

A recent CIPD poll found that two-thirds of respondents were working longer hours from home due to the current lockdown restrictions. Another CIPD poll found that 37% of people practitioners believed reduced mental well-being was a significant challenge as a result of increased home working during the crisis.

If you’d like to help your organisation to be prepared for the “new normal” then take a look at the Mental Toughness Programme here.

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