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Hello, my name is Julie Kay.

After a 21-year career in the Royal Navy I formed JK Leadership Development in 1998, and I’ve been loving every minute ever since. I get to work with leaders who want to make a difference, deliver beyond expectations and have a strong commitment to their own learning and growth. A key driver of mine is to support as many people as possible to live fulfilling working lives, so supporting leaders to make that happen for themselves, their teams and their stakeholders is how I contribute, and it’s a real pleasure.

My team and I work with leaders and executives in fast growing regional offices of national and international companies, often in S.T.E.M. related industries. Companies who recognise the need to constantly predict and adapt to change through excellent communication and collaboration.

We work with leaders whose role is to connect strategy to operations, to sustainably improve the performance and health of the organisation, and to foster a high performing culture. We help them to build their own resilience to stay on top of their game; create high performing teams and to build strong productive relationships with stakeholders in order to achieve better business results

We support hard pressed senior executives to drive big changes through small, consistent steps, and to carve out precious time to attend to issues which negatively impact performance.

Julie has provided my organisation and me with excellent support in the areas of coaching and leadership development. Her approach and methods have been a major factor in developing managers to develop others and helping the introduction of an operating system to be a success. I can confidently recommend Julie Kay as a credible and reliable supplier, and an expert in her field.

Steve Hurst

Blue Chip Petfood Manufacturer

Our company realised quite soon, after the first month cooperation with Julie, the huge impact that coaching could have on manufacturing business. A confident coach, full of optimism, was crucial for us especially at the beginning of launching the new way of working. We managed to change a lot in short period of time due to the support of a strong but still gentle coach expert.

Agnieszka Majek-Ogniewska

Manufacturing Company

The coaching that I have received from Julie Kay has literally transformed me into a different person. I cannot believe the difference in only 3 months of work with my coach and feel calmer, less stressed and now have a work/life balance which I am thoroughly enjoying. As a coach Julie is very supportive and understanding but she is also not afraid to ask difficult questions.

Ann Watson

EMTA Awards Ltd

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