Equipping leaders to thrive in an increasingly complex world.

Organisations today need to provide great products and services while standing on shifting sands. Many leaders are juggling competing and complex demands. They feel they are in over their heads and need some help. We provide that help

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What We Do

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For You

Whether you are:

  • Going through a challenging transition or stepping into a bigger role
  • Wanting to create the mental and emotional space to do your best thinking
  • Feeling unprepared for the level of complexity you are facing
  • Having to loosen your grip on your technical expertise and develop strategic leadership skills

We help you to identify and increase your focus on the high value activities that matter most to your own performance and the future of your business.

For your team

For Your Team

Organisations are increasingly looking to their collective leadership effectiveness and team capability to build their competitive edge. We offer a comprehensive approach that improves both the performance and long-term health of your senior teams by addressing:

  • Purpose - Why the team exists. How aligned everyone is behind the purpose.
  • Governance –Right people, right skills. Processes and systems that support high performance
  • Behaviours – How the team is lead, deals with conflict, makes decisions.Connections – How the team engages with stakeholders
  • Connections – How the team engages with stakeholders
  • Renewal – How members anticipate the future, learn from the past and build energy
For your organization

For Your Organisation

We are licenced to deliver a world class, world renowned leadership development system that builds long-term, sustainable organisational capability. Whether you are:

  • a large corporation looking to scale your leadership capability through an in-house, organisation-wide programme with a proven track record of success and a vast research base


  • a small to medium sized business looking for the same quality standard of leadership development that large companies with big budgets can access, in a way that fits your culture, budget and number of leaders.

Hello, I’m Julie Kay

After a 21-year career in the Royal Navy I formed JK Leadership Development in 1998, and I’ve been loving every minute ever since.

I get to work with leaders who want to make a difference, deliver beyond expectations and have a strong commitment to their own learning and growth. 

A key driver of mine is to support as many people as possible to live fulfilling working lives. Supporting leaders to make that happen for themselves, their teams and their stakeholders is how I contribute, and it’s a real pleasure.

Julie Key picture

Julie has provided my organisation and me with excellent support in the areas of coaching and leadership development. Her approach and methods have been a major factor in developing managers to develop others and helping the introduction of an operating system to be a success. I can confidently recommend Julie Kay as a credible and reliable supplier, and an expert in her field.

Steve Hurst
Blue Chip Petfood Manufacturer

Our company realised quite soon, after the first month cooperation with Julie, the huge impact that coaching could have on manufacturing business. A confident coach, full of optimism, was crucial for us especially at the beginning of launching the new way of working. We managed to change a lot in short period of time due to the support of a strong but still gentle coach expert.

Agnieszka Majek-Ogniewska
Manufacturing Company

The coaching that I have received from Julie Kay has literally transformed me into a different person. I cannot believe the difference in only 3 months of work with my coach and feel calmer, less stressed and now have a work/life balance which I am thoroughly enjoying. As a coach Julie is very supportive and understanding but she is also not afraid to ask difficult questions.

Ann Watson
EMTA Awards Ltd

“Prior to starting coaching, I knew of two issues that were hampering my capabilities and comfort as a leader – pro-actively and rapidly engaging in difficult conversations as and when they were needed, and adequately segregating my work and personal life, resulting in me taking work-stress home with me.

Honestly, I was a little skeptical of coaching when we first started, however Julie has helped me tackle both of these areas of concern, and along the way has helped me identify and start resolving some other, lesser known (even to myself) hang-ups that have been impacting me and my leadership approach.

Julie is supportive, a very talented listener, positively challenging, thought-provoking and encouraging, and it’s been incredible to experience how quickly Julie’s coaching process has made me a more effective leader, and a more confident individual.”        

James Dobrowski CCP Games

To learn more about our executive coaching, team coaching and leadership development programmes, and explore what’s right for you:

Or give me a ring on 07971793558

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