Programmes and Services

All our programmes are based on a thorough understanding of the specific skills and behaviours your leaders and managers need in order to meet present and future business challenges. So the objectives for your particular programme will be bespoke to you.

We focus on a structure that allows time in between learning workshops to reflect, apply and adapt the learning in the real world of work and also provides support in between to help learners overcome barriers to applying their new skills and behaviours.

This is the structure that we, and our clients, have consistently found to be the most effective in maximising transfer of learning and we ensure that you have addressed all 5 barriers to outstanding performance

Until we can meet to discuss your needs here is an overview of our typical programmes to give you an idea of how we may be able to help you.


Outstanding Leader

Who it’s for: Middle and senior managers.

Aim: To develop the skills and confidence to communicate the direction of the business and engage staff in making it happen. Objectives may include:

  • Model the behaviour you want to see in those around you
  • Create and communicate a vision for the future
  • Challenge current processes to ensure continuing innovation and improvement
  • Develop others to take more ownership and responsibility
  • Enable those around you to feel valued, stay engaged and to contribute their best

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Outstanding Manager

Who it’s for: New and established managers:

Aim: To develop the skills and confidence to continually improve their own, and their team’s performance . Objectives may include:

  • Take on more operational responsibility – in order to release senior managers to focus on strategic priorities
  • Work effectively across functional boundaries
  • Deliver exceptional customer service
  • Manage performance effectively
  • Develop and support staff in order to maintain continuous improvement
  • Manage change and build resilience in themselves and their teams

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Outstanding Supervisor

Who it’s for: First time and aspiring managers and supervisors

Aim: To effectively handle the transition from team member to effective team manager / supervisor Objectives may include:

  • Prepare to manage people
  • Tackle new duties
  • Work with people, build relationships, manage risks
  • Manage and develop themselves

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High Performing Team

Who it’s for: Newly formed or established teams of any level.

Aim: To understand each other more quickly and deeply in order to accelerate development into a high performing team Objectives:

  • Appreciate the value of different behavioural and communications styles in performing as an effective team
  • Identify different behavioural and communication styles and know how to adapt accordingly
  • Apply and adapt their Behavioural and Communication Styles and Team Effectiveness Model to continually improve awareness, understanding and communications
  • Increase trust, build peer accountability, focus on results and feel confident to address unresolved conflict.

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Coaching for Performance

Who it’s for: All leaders and managers who are responsible for developing their staff.

Aim: To develop the skills and confidence to effectively develop staff using a coaching approach. Objectives:

  • Define what coaching is
  • Recognise the value of coaching in enhancing interactions in the workplace and improving performance
  • Understand and use the GROW coaching process
  • Develop key coaching skills – active listening, effective questioning and giving and receiving feedback
  • Practise coaching by taking part in practical projects and reviews

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Leading and Managing Change

Who is it for: Leaders and Managers who are responsible for navigating their teams through change. Non-managerial staff who are being impacted by change and need to build their resilience and work positively with change

Aim: To equip managers and teams with the strategies to guide and motivate themselves and others through turbulent times Objectives may include:

  • Describe the forces causing the organisational change
  • Recognise it’s impact on the organization, employees, customer and other stakeholders
  • Understand the importance of a clear vision for change or for desired results
  • Identify the actions to enable a healthy response to change
  • Identify the losses and hidden opportunities created by the change
  • Develop change resilience

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Executive Coaching

Who is it for: Individual leaders and managers, both high potentials and under-performers, who want to go beyond skills training to accelerate their effectiveness.

Aim: An individually designed programme of support and challenge to identify and build on strengths and overcome internal blocks to outstanding performance. Objectives: Are agreed and regularly reviewed with the coaching client and their line manager.Here is some more information on Executive Coaching

On-boarding Coaching

Who is it for: Externally appointed managers and executives

Aim: To reduce the estimated 40% to 50% risk of failure of external appointments and to start contributing value faster. Objectives may include:

  • Assess the current challenges and opportunities
  • Reach agreement with your boss and direct reports about what needs to be done
  • Avoid dangerous misunderstandings
  • Reduce wasted time and energy by having a systematic framework
  • Identify any ticking time bombs.

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Talks and Bite-sized taster seminars

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