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“Expert Interviews”

Welcome to the fifth call in the series!

I’ll be interviewing an amazing line up of leadership and business experts ready to share their thinking, expertise and tried and tested practical strategies to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Raise performance
  • Achieve better business results.

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Interview 5 – "Is Business Model Innovation Just Another Innovative Buzz Phrase?"

With Tim Latham

Tim Latham is the founder of “Unconsultancy.” Over decades of experience Tim has got to know, at first hand, and heard from hundreds of business leaders, the joy and sometimes agony of business.  Of course there are many elements that need to work in unison to make a successful business, but his experience is that clarity of thought concerning a business model and an intelligible "language" around business models is a really powerful element for business success.

On this call you’ll discover:

  • The importance of ensuring you have a viable business aligned with your customer needs.
  • A one page model that shines a light on your offer, who you are offering it to and how are you going about offering it.
  • A visual, creative and engaging way to clarify what does and doesn’t work in your business
  • How and why business leaders should learn from designers and architects when it comes to mapping out your business model

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