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I work with leaders and managers to boost performance by bringing out the best in themselves and their teams.

Although I’m a learning and leadership specialist who delivers leadership and management development in larger organisations I am well aware that there are individual managers and small business owners who are crying out for more support in overcoming their day to day challenges in leading and managing people.

This site is for you. I will offer as much individual, relevant and immediately applicable support as I can. I hope you find it of value. If you do, then I would love to hear about it. We are all on a development journey (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this) and your feedback will help me on my own journey of continuous improvement.

Here is what some of my clients have said:

“I am busier than I have ever been – producing more and making more money than ever before. I stepped off the high board hiring you, and when I hit the water, I started swimming! Not drowning! Cool.”

Cathy Hudspeth Stockbroker, Crystal River, Florida

“Our company realised quite soon, after the first month cooperation with Julie, the huge impact that coaching could have on manufacturing business. A confident coach, full of optimism, was crucial for us especially at the beginning of launching the new way of working. We managed to change a lot in short period of time due to the support of a strong but still gentle coach expert. And at last Julie has helped our company to understand that changing the culture is the long process but it is possible if we keep the effort going.”

Agnieszka Majek-Ogniewska, Lean Roll-out Manager, Manufacturing Company

“The coaching that I have received from Julie Kay has literally transformed me into a different person. I cannot believe the difference in only 3 months of work with my coach and feel calmer, less stressed and now have a work/life balance which I am thoroughly enjoying. As a coach Julie is very supportive and understanding but she is also not afraid to ask difficult questions that really make you think about you as a person and your behaviour.”

Ann Watson, Managing Director, EAL

“Great day last Friday, I thought Julie Kay did an excellent and informative session on Emotional Intelligence. I thought the content was provoking and intelligently delivered with an effective blend of techniques and sensitivity.”

Garry Platt, Tutor Consultant, Woodland Grange

“Julie has provided my organisation and me with excellent support in the areas of coaching and leadership development. Her approach and methods have been a major factor in developing managers to develop others and helping the introduction of an operating system to be a success. I can confidently recommend Julie Kay as a credible and reliable supplier, and an expert in her field.”

Steve Hurst, Operations Manager, Leading Petfood Manufacturer

“I was initially quite nervous about any type of coaching but was at a time in my business when I needed to move forward, I just wasn’t sure how. Julie has taught me so much about myself giving me the confidence to make decisions and reach all my goals. This journey hasn’t been easy but there has been help all the way with Julie’s relaxed yet inspiring support and guidance. I am now turning my business around, fulfilling my ambitions and am incredibly excited about the future – I couldn’t have said that 6 months ago! Thanks Julie.”

Kate Holmes, Creative Director, Space Creative

Looking for Leadership and Management development for your staff?

If you want to develop your managers and teams in order to increase profit, performance and productivity please visit my website at www.jkld.co.uk for more information on the challenges I address and who I work with.

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