Simple Steps to Less Stress This Holiday

I love Christmas and I think I love it all the more because I have a fairly laid back and relaxed attitude towards it. I have friends who plan it with military precision weeks and even months in advance. I have friends who start panicking about who to invite, what to cook, what to do, and who to visit, long beforehand and right throughout the holiday. I also know people who seem to be consistently disappointed with the reality of Christmas as opposed to how they think it “should” be.  If your approach to Christmas works for you, yippee!! If you are starting to feel tense and tetchy already, then these last minute tips may help.

If you’ve just received late cards from people you haven’t sent to….LEAVE IT. It’s too late and they’re unlikely to notice you didn’t send one to them, at this point in the proceedings.

If you are panicking that now you have wrapped the presents, there don’t seem to be enough…STOP. Don’t reach for your purse. You set a budget so stick to it.

If you are worried that Great Aunt Flo will embarrass you by ……………………(insert as appropriate) falling asleep, saying something inappropriate, getting tipsy, letting a family skeleton out of the cupboard…STEP AWAY. You can’t prevent it, and she deserves a good Christmas as much as anyone.

If you are focussing on being the “hostess with the mostest” and everything going perfectly at the family gathering…CHILL OUT. Your family are more likely to want your company than have you slaving away in the kitchen all day, especially if you are relaxed and happy rather than stressed and sweaty.

If you know from experience that Christmas is guaranteed to bring out long standing resentments and unresolved issues J…ACCEPT IT. It’s likely to happen. If it did last year it probably will this year. Do what you can to minimise the risk, prepare your own response, then LET IT GO.  The sky won’t fall in.

Finally, if you are banking on creating a perfect family experience against a picture postcard winter scene, ask yourself if you’ve created unrealistic expectations for yourself and those around you. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being a family, warts and all, and celebrating that.

And if all else fails and you find yourself hitting the sherry a little too hard and a little too early, or feeling like a martyr to the cause because you are doing all the work while everyone else eats, drinks and makes merry just remember….“This too shall pass.”

Have a pleasant and relaxing Christmas and I will see you on the other side ready for a great New Year.

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