Clear your Inner Clutter to Achieve More at Work

Are you constantly searching for ways to become more productive and get more done in less time? Do you look for strategies to organise your e-mails, hold shorter and fewer meetings and get through your piles of paperwork?

And in spite of this, do you still avoid getting down to things and resist doing stuff?

In his book “Inner Productivity” Chris Edgar describes how, even though you know all the “rules” of time management, uncomfortable thoughts and feelings get in the way of applying them, or at least applying them effectively and consistently.

He asserts that time management and organisation strategies usually fail to address the biggest obstacles to productivity – our minds and bodies.

I recently interviewed Chris about his approach to “Inner Productivity” and found that he uses practical techniques to help you focus, relax, stop procrastinating and generally get better results and more satisfaction. The thing that surprised me most is that you can use these techniques where-ever you happen to be. No need to wait to get to the gym or yoga class, no requirement for a quiet private room and an hour to practice meditation, you can tap into your inner productivity while sitting at your desk.

You can put your questions directly to Chris as he’ll be dropping in on the blog to answer them and to respond to comments.

Meanwhile I would love to know what you do that helps you get into the mental and emotional state that allows you to be most productive at work.

2 Responses to Clear your Inner Clutter to Achieve More at Work

  • Hi Stewart — that sounds like valuable awareness, that getting up and walking around for a bit helps you to let go of the overwhelm that comes up while you’re working. And, I wonder if it might be useful for you to also explore that overwhelm a bit — for instance, noticing how that sense of overwhelm feels in your body. In my experience a lot of people experience what they call overwhelm as a heaviness in their stomach — I wonder if this is true for you.

    When you discover where this overwhelm is at, I’d also invite you to try taking a breath into that place — so, if it’s in your stomach, for instance, try breathing so that your stomach rises and falls with the breath. Notice whether the sensation starts to become more manageable, and less threatening, and whether you become able to move forward in your work even when the sensation is arising.

  • I am up early most mornings, 4.45 to 6.0 am. I have a sort of routine, where I have a drink, I chant. Mediate. Have breakfast then work. Go through the daily emails, post and them focus on one or more aspect of the days work. I often have to mix my work time between three or more different tasks. Research, ecology. I am working on a sustainable Biofuel programme, or care support. If its the later, it can be a shift away from the flat for anything up to fourteen hours. If so, thats the day gone, if not and I am free, I assist my partner in here busies. She makes Chocolate and Beeswax candles. I give you and idea. We worked together on a market, Saturday, she did Sunday as I was away on a care support shift. Sunday night we both worked all night to pack twelve hundred bars of chocolate. Monday 16.00 she flu to Spain. I came back home to rest before working on my own project.

    I have a tendency to procrastinate, a form of escape. I see tasks as a sort of overwhelming problem and wont to shut off, go fishing, camp, travel, I love climbing. This then becomes the focus. So I am now living out this dream. The internet is great one for that. To get any work done, I need to hold that back, I take a break, get up, walk about. I will chant, to clear my mind. Try and convince my self all will be well. If I am on the computer, I get away for ten minuets, then go back and pick up from where I left off. I use this same strategy when I was at collage and I can say it works. I will also add this. Thank you, a chance to write about it has helped more than I realise. I will email you a short story. This I hope, gives a bit more information. An insight into where I come from and what I use to do. Than you again.

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