Have more impact…Get better results

Do you need to:

  • Influence your boss?
  • Make more sales
  • Get more resources for your department?
  • Keep your job, get a promotion or get a new job?
  • Inspire your people?
  • Make change happen?

As we all work hard to achieve more, with fewer resources and in less time, the ability to influence, inspire, persuade and engage has never been more essential. Unfortunately, the idea of presenting, whether formally or informally, still strikes fear into the heart of many of us. In fact, you’ve probably heard of surveys that rank fear of public speaking as the most common phobia of all.

There’s a Seinfield gag that goes:

“A recent survey stated that the average person’s greatest fear is having to give a speech in public. Somehow this ranked even higher than death, which was third on the list. So, you’re telling me that at a funeral, most people would rather be the guy in the coffin than have to stand up and give a eulogy.”

Whatever the reliability or validity of these surveys, presenting ourselves effectively is an increasingly relevant and important skill to develop which is why I want to give you access to my interview with Gill Graves, author of “Presenting Yourself with Impact at Work”.

Whether you experience full blown stage fright with a pounding heart, hot flushes, dry mouth, shaky legs, and sweaty palms or just know that you need to present more powerfully in order to get your message across and the results you desire, Gill outlines 10 key strategies for “Presenting Yourself with Impact”.

To access this 45 minute interview Click Here

Meanwhile I would love to hear your thoughts on presenting.

  • Is this an issue for you? If so, how big?
  • What are your favourite tips?
  • Have you overcome a fear of public speaking? How?

9 Responses to Have more impact…Get better results

  • I spend a fair amount of time coaching facilitators — and these are subject-matter experts who are not natural teachers. Sometimes I have a hard time relating to their presentation fears (I started public speaking when I was 8 or 9 because my parents wanted me to feel comfortable in front of an audience). I can’t tell them to go back to childhood to gain confidence, but I still think the simplest tip is the best — you have to practice! It’s important to give them a friendly audience first, then help them reflect after getting in front of a “real” audience. I know this is nothing new, so the one additional piece of advice I have is to only focus on two things at a time. Novice presenters sometimes “over-correct” themselves and don’t make significant process in any one area.

  • Great to read the comments so far! A common thread here is the importance of practice. All too often I work with people who believe that they’re just not good at presenting whilst others are. When we get talking it transpires that actually they’ve had very little practice. Presentation skills, like other skills, can be learnt but you do need to practice. So, I love the suggestions of Toastmasters and getting people to do mini presentations on a subject they know.

    • Hi Gill. Thanks for dropping in. If anyone has questions for Gill our expert on Presentation Skills and the speaker in our series of interviews on the subject, this is your opportunity to ask her direct.

  • I think the more you do it the easier it is. More confidence grows over time. It is hard to gauge an audience sometimes, they may look bored or disengaged but they aren’t . That is just how their face looks. Nothing to do with your great presentation

  • Something I learned and applied from a previous manager is to have each of my team members do a presentation in a team meeting. I ask them to present something they are working on so they are very comfortable with the topic. The team meets every week and everyone knows each other well, so it’s the friendliest possible setting.

    For people who really want to build their skills, I have recommended Toastmasters.

  • This is where a background in theatre actually helps in business 😛

  • When I was in university, we were REQUIRED to complete a Toastmasters public speaking course as a requirement for graduation. There were no excuses accepted, everyone was required to do it. It was a really useful experience, and helped me immensely. I have much less hesitation speaking in public.

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