The Power of One

I recently interviewed John Brubaker, on the “7 Keys to Team Synergy and Building a Culture of Competitive Excellence”

One of the things John talked about was harnessing “The Power of One” which involves exploring your unique talents, identifying what you bring to the table, and how you use yourself as a person, to help your team, department, or organization to perform better.

We were talking about how appraisals often focus on perceived weaknesses and areas for development, taking something we are weak in and trying to become average at it.

John said:

“I think we’re all driven, motivated, competitive human beings by our nature. Who wants to be average? Why would you focus on something like that? What enjoyment do you derive from focusing on something you’re below average at, and trying to get it to average? It feels more like a punitive measure than anything to me. And it’s been my experience with the people I’ve coached.”

Instead, John suggests that we try and drill down and ask the following questions to help raise our self-awareness, and play to our strengths:

  • What’s the one thing I do better than anybody else, to help my team or my department be successful? (so that you can recognise and leverage your strengths)
  • What am I good at that I can become great at? (a much more motivating development aim than going from weak to average)
  • What’s the one little thing I can do in my organisation or team that no-one else wants to do? (because that one little thing can make a huge difference, at the same time as giving you the opportunity to differentiate yourself)
  • What should I avoid doing? (so that you can stay focused and on track)

John is an excellent, inspirational speaker and story teller and you can listen to his full interview here.

Access his expert interview here now

John will also be “in the house” to answer your questions on “The 7 Keys to Team Synergy” Do take this opportunity to put your questions and comments directly to John here on the blog.

  • What questions do you have for John?
  • Is your experience one of focusing on strengths or on weakness?

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