Here’s an extra hour…Spend it wisely!

Here in the UK our clocks were put back an hour this week. We do it every autumn and put them forward again every spring. What really struck me was the number of messages on social media sites asking each other how they spent their extra hour and expressing gratitude for the extra hour. Some were revelling in the extra hours sleep and noticing waking up feeling more refreshed. Others had forgotten initially and then were pleasantly surprised that they were ahead of the game in preparations for the day. Others were just taking more time out to relax, spending longer chatting in bed, or reading the papers, or having breakfast in bed before starting their usual day. What a positive way to use an extra hour!

If we are so excited and grateful for this “extra hour” how can we create it every week? For those who are really appreciating an extra hour’s sleep why not go to bed 15 minutes earlier every night or an hour earlier one night a week? For those who are feeling relaxed because they are prepared early, why not begin preparations and hour earlier next time? For those who are taking more time to relax, how can you create that relaxation time every day? I accept the hour has to come from somewhere so you will need to assess where you are currently spending your time. Maybe it’s about turning off the TV for an hour and having a conversation? Or closing the laptop and playing with the kids? Or stopping texting friends whilst with other friends so that you can be fully present with them for an hour?

If you could wave a magic wand and grant yourself an extra hour regularly how would you spend it? Instead of waiting till next October what can do right now in order for that to happen?

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