Part 1 of 4 – How to Work With Colleagues Who Prefer Popularity to Tangible Results?

Managers who have a good level of self-awareness and an understanding and appreciation of the behavioural needs of their team members are more able to build a motivational and developmental environment at work.

Who do you know who is magnetic, friendly, enthusiastic, demonstrative and political? They focus on the feelings and emotions of others and are usually happy to promote their colleagues’ projects though this can lead to being distracted from thier own work and priorities. They are quick to trust people, have a wide network of contacts and their optimism and enthusiasm is infectious.

The potential downside is that they may choose popularity over tangible results; may let their hearts rule their heads; have a tendency to make decisions based on face value and have poor planning and time management skills. Because their popularity is important to them they can be reluctant to face issues that could lead to conflict, which is particularly relevant to managers.

What they want:

  • Popularity and social affirmation
  • Public recognition and praise
  • Social activities outside work
  • People to talk to
  • An easy going, relaxed working environment
  • Freedom from controls, details and data or help with these

What helps:

  • Creating a warm, friendly environment
  • Not overloading them with details (put them in writing)
  • Asking “feeling” questions to draw out their ideas and opinions
  • Support to improve planning and time management
  • A democratic manager
  • Encouragement to focus on the bottom line

What doesn’t help:

  • Being cold, curt, or distant.
  • Not having any social chat
  • Controlling the conversation
  • Talking purely about facts, figures and alternatives.

So if you have someone in mind, what can you do, starting right now, to work more effectivley with them?

“Happy Learning!”

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