4 Things Every Employee Needs to Know

Leadership is vital in order to look ahead to the future, set direction and encourage people to rally behind that vision, and commit to working towards it. It’s important to engage staff in challenging how things have always been done, and come up with new and creative thinking about how to reach stretching business goals. However, without management to ensure that people are conforming to the plans, standards and processes there would be chaos, and instability and nothing would be achieved. An effective balance of leadership and management is necessary for outstanding business performance.

In his blog All Things Workplace Steve Roesler outlines clearly and simply, 4 things that all employees need know, no matter what their industry.

1. What am I supposed to do?
The fastest way to confuse a workforce is to speak in grandiose, visionary language. People–including you and me-want to know, specifically, what has to be done as well as what “good” looks like.

2. Will you let me do it?
This question is the result of too many experiences with managers who got in the way by doing #1 just fine and then jumping in when not needed.

3. Will you help me when I need it?
Employees do want to know that it’s ok to ask for help when the situation requires it; and, that they’ll get it without judgment. Asking for help shows maturity and character; so does giving it.

4. Will you let me know how I’m doing?
We all want to know where we stand with our boss. It’s just plain uncomfortable not knowing–and not knowing can cause a well-intentioned employee to continue doing things the wrong way. After all, no one is indicating that anything should change!

So, my questions to you are:

  • If I asked you and your staff what you need them to do, how confident are you that the answers would match?
  • What is one peice of performance feedback you are currently avoiding giving?
  • When are you going to give that feedback?

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