Monday mornings vs Friday afternoons

I recently worked with a CEO and her team. At the start of each of our sessions she would announce to me in front of the team, not to expect anything from her until 10am when she was more awake. Now I didn’t work with her for long and you can draw your own conclusions about that, but she did spring to mind when I saw the clip below on YouTube.

As a leader in your organisation you are setting the pace and tone for those around you 24/7, so my questions to you are:

When do you get the “Monday morning” feeling at work? How do you challenge it?
How can you generate the “Friday afternoon” feeling for yourself and your team more often?
How do you respond when a member of your team presents like the polar bear?
What do you do to channel the energy and enthusiasm of your penguin moments?

I would love to hear your comments and suggestions

Julie Kay

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